ESI RCT Bicycle Handlebar Wrap


ESI Grips NEW RCT Wrap is perfect for Road, Cyclocross or Triathlon riders, especially riders looking for extra shock absorption and comfort compared to a normal bar tape. ESI RCT Wrap is constructed for a smooth overlay, and customizable thickness. If you are looking for a thick grip, wrap it looser. If you are looking for a thinner grip, wrap it tighter. It's that easy!

Made from the same material as our mountain bike grips, our RCT Wrap is 100% silicone which makes it UV resistant, non-porous and washable. The best part: there are no glues! If you didn't wrap it how you wanted it the first time, take it off and wrap it again. When you are ready for a fresh set, take the wrap off and re-wrap it with the other side facing up.

134-176 grams
(Depends on how you stretch)

2 long silicone wraps
(for wrapping bar)

2 short silicone wraps
(for under hood)

2 Silicone Tapes
(adhere to themselves - 1 time use)

1 pair of End Caps