H&H Titanium Ergonomic Handlebar for Brompton Bicycle



M handlebar

  • Original Brompton bar is 510mm long, H&H is 40mm longe at 550mm. Standard 130mm grips compatible.
  • Original Brompton bar is 120mm high, while H&H is 95mm. S type Broompton can mod into this mid rise M bar (large ezwheels or with rack will help the clearance off ground after fold).
  • For ergonomics purpose, the angle backward is 2° more than stock Brompton bar.
  • Weight : Orignal : 242g / H&H 188g. Quite significant weight reduction.
  • Comes in Silver Titanium, Glossy Black Titanium or Matte Black Titanium Colours.

S handlebar

  • Original Brompton S bar is 520mm long, H&H is 40mm longe at 560mm. Standard 130mm grips compatible.
  • Original Brompton S bar has total 5° angle, while H&H ergonomic angle is at 11° total. During installation can be adjusted to 7° up and 9° back.
  • Weight : Original : 130g / H&H 183g. The added weight is because unibody structure and a little bit thicker for better stiffness.
  • Comes in Silver Titanium or Glossy Black Titanium Colours.