Joseph Kuosac

Joseph Kuosac gC38C 16" 349 RED V Carbon Wheelset for Brompton Bicycle

JK gC38C Wheelset Wheel Marker─『Glow』‧The Beauty of Dim Light in Night Riding
『The best preparation for tomorrow is doing my best today.』
The gC38C Carbon Fiber Wheelset is made of graphene and carbon fiber, which enhances the heat dissipation and toughness of the wheelset,
making it a great choice for Brompton and many other 349 trail bikes.
JK has developed three versions of the wheel markings to meet the aesthetic needs of different groups.
The glow-in-the-dark wheel markings have a distinctive atmosphere, as the wheel frame glows brightly during night riding, and the gC38C lettering and the sense of rotation become more pronounced than during the day.
When the sun goes down, the color will be lost, JK wanted to use the frame to emit a ghostly light, so that Brompton can be the center of attention even at night!

Specification: C38C: 349 x 17 mm (Composite Material, Aluminum + Carbon)

Rim-brake: 349 x 17

Spoke Hole: 24 / 28 

Set Included:

Complete set (w/ front and rear 2 speed hubs) +
Rim Tape x 2 + Lacing F/R + Brake Pad x 1 Set of 4
Label Color: Black, Spoke Color: Black & Red, Hub Color: Black