Joseph Kuosac

Joseph Kuosac Telescopic Seatpost for Brompton Bicycle


Feature & Benefit
Standing at 1.83-meter height, Joe understood that one size does not fit all. Joe always thought that he was unique, so was everyone else. With that in mind, Joe designed the Telescopic Seatpost Pillar for those who feels that the factory version is too long. Widely recognized as the evangelist of fitting, “I dreamed that everyone rides bikes suitable to their bodies, not get hurt, ride efficiently and enjoy riding”, says Joe.

Bill of Material
Seatpost x 1
Seatpost extension x 1 (Black or Silver)
Seatpost extension Insert x 1
Seatpost extension QR x 1

Seatpost: Ø 27.2 mm, L 400 mm, 7 x 7 saddle
Seatpost extension: Ø 31.8 mm, L 440 mm (black or silver)
Seatpost extension QR: Ø 31.8 mm