1/6 Scale Paris 2016 Road Bike Bicycle Plastic Model

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1/6 Scale

This is a semi-assembled plastic models!! 

 It was painted already but Stickers and few parts need to assemble by yourself. 
  • Frame: Restore 16 Paris 50cm frames in a 1:6 ratio. The lines are smooth and the angle is just right.
  • Wheels set: the wheel set, the flywheel and the quick release lever can be combined and the wheel set can be rotated.
  • Group Set: equipped with Shimano 9100 shifting kit, according to the real kit data (crank 170mm, tooth 53/39T, flywheel 11 speed, 11-28), the ratio is reduced by 1:6, and the chain and flywheel parts are painted with professional model metal paint.
  • Tire: Black rubber tire, detachable with wheel components.
  • Handlebar: According to the real car handlebar 123mm sinking, 75mm forward extension, 6 degree handle is reduced by 1:6 ratio, the belt is wrapped with rubber band, which is more textured than the direct 3D printing. It is more real.
  • Saddle: Hollow one, 3D printing out of the mold, hand-finished.