Air Pressure Suspension Block Set for Birdy Folding Bicycle

$169.50 USD
$169.50 USD
Can adjust air pressure for soft or hard riding experience 
Adjustment is for Riders weight between 60-90kg
(if lighter or heavier rider, please contact us. We will adjust the suspension before send to you)

Materials: 6061 Aluminium or Titanium 

The Original Birdy Suspension have some flaws: since the spring suspension block in the front wheel makes the front forks soft and floating, and causes the instability during the steering. The design of "Air Pressure Suspension Block" is a whole set of rigid body with one-way joints so the problem can be improved. 

 The off-road Birdy riders who want to be shock-absorbed and comfortable but rigidity. It's hard to cover all aspects at a time. Nevertheless, the damper cylinder and piston under the air pressure structure is able to afford the instantaneous impact and rebound by air pressure immediately, therefore, it stops from oscillating. 

Under normal conditions, after rapid impacting, the damper piston will go back to the default position and make suspension softening and comfortable. Both rigid and soft can be satisfy in the same suspension block. To solve the problem of instability and oscillating making by insufficient support of the original spring structure during steering. (It is more dangerous during going down a long slope). "Air Pressure Suspension Block" adopts a single-directional vertical and flexible joint, which can cope with the change of the expansion distance during the buffering period but the left and right directions. 
It will always be fixed and not shake, which gives the stability of the front fork, the uneven long downslope will be more perceivable. 

The other ends of the shaft are connected to the mainframe, which is different from the original hook. The inner hole is able to be hook in and be sealed completely. Therefore, the suspension block grasps the main frame of the bike, which greatly eliminates the shaking of the front. The entire front suspension block is composed of both upper and lower damper cylinders. over the harsh roads, only one cylinder is working. but when it encounters the impact of roads, the two sets of cylinders will work together, so that the suspension block can be acting effectively according to the condition of roads. 

The rear suspension block is to solve the tolerance between the rear fork and main frame. The plastic steel top plate of the suspension block has an universal floating function, which can reliably conform to the platform surface of the main frame without being affected by the tolerance deviation, so the rear suspension block is able to receive the positive pressure forces. As for the riding effect of "Air Pressure Suspension block" has been proved by many riders. Air Pressure Suspension block is not only without riding force loss, but also for coping with long-term high-speed bumpy ground, which cannot be compared by the other suspension blocks. So the age of PU resin should be resigned.