Air Seat

Air Seat Full-floating Bicycle Saddle Suspension System

$85.00 USD
$85.00 USD




The world first full-floating saddle suspension system designed for bicycles


The traditional suspension system, in order to maintain the riding stability of the seat cushion, only a single axial shock absorption can be used.
On the premise of maintaining the stability of the seat cushion, Air Seat can also make the seat cushion up and down, back and forth 360 degrees to do all-round shock absorption.

  • Please avoid a cushion that exceeds 18cm in width and 7cm in height. Otherwise, it will affect the riding stability, as well as the structural strength of the product, which may cause damage or significantly reduce its life cycle.
  • The length of the level area on the saddle rail should exceed the dark mark on Air Seat and attach seamlessly. If the level area is shorter than 57mm, it will not be suitable for Air Seat. An incompatibility can cause damage to the rails and even failure.

Air Seat have three types of weight limit


  • Size : L 127mm W 53mm H 65mm
  • Weight : 250g
  • Material : Stainless steel、Aluminum
  • Color : Black、Silver

Patent and SGS

  • Patented
  • Passed 200,000 fatigue tests by SGS

Which seat post does not applicable to Air Seat

  • Plain seat posts are not applicable to Air Seat.
  • Some mast and cap seat posts are not applicable to Air Seat.