Bespoke De Luna Oil Slick Narrow-Wide Bicycle Chainring

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NEW! Narrow-Wide edition designed specifically for Brompton and Moulton bicycles.
(photos needs updating)

The 60t fits the Brompton perfectly and is the largest chainring that will still allow it to fold correctly without customising. The Brompton SL2 with a De Luna 60t for example (with 12t and 16t rear cogs) provides gear inches of 60" and 80" - the perfect combination of ratios for cruising up hills or putting the power down!

To fit the 72t De Luna a Brompton would need a wider Bottom Bracket and custom fork hook.


  • 130 BCD, Narrow-Wide, 50 - 60T

  • 130 BCD, 72T

  • 1/2” x 11/128”  (7 - 11 Speed Chain)

  • Narrow-Wide tooth to prevent chain drop

  • Titanium Oil Slick Coated, colours vary

  • 7075 T73 Alloy

  • Colour facing outwards depends on the cranks