Continental 16" 35-349 Urban Contact Dark Tan Wall Tyre for Brompton Bicycle

$42.50 USD
$42.50 USD

The Continental Urban Contact Folding Tyre is designed for city riding, packed with puncture protection technology. This folding tyre offers lightweight rolling resistance, increased grip, greater levels of comfort when you ride across harsh surfaces, and excellent puncture protectionmaking cycling in urban environments fast and effortless.


Continental's pure grip compound provides great grip on the road even in wet conditions. The tyre offers excellent puncture protection with the SafetyPro breaker, designed from Nylon textile, Cross-woven textile fibre netting that is simultaneously robust and flexible. The added protection lowers the risks of punctures from glass or sharp stones with minimal weight added.

Pressure: PSI: 65-116


Suitable for all Brompton bikes, including the Brompton Electric