Ingrid CRS-G Heavy Duty Bicycle Crankset

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Heavy duty

We designed this crankset when we was 2 years old… It was 2017 and the second season with Mr. Bruno Zanchi enduro team was coming. Actually during the first season we pretended too much from our first crankset, the L model. This was too light and even too stiff for a gravity approach.
For the G only one main word was considered: reliability.

For this reason, you can even use it in gravel, in bike packing, dirt, and whatever you want.


2024 aluminium alloy (cranks) and 7075 aluminium alloy (spindle)


625 g (L131 spindle without chainring)

Cranks length:

M (170 mm)


30 mm


91.5 mm (with L131 spindle), 96.5 mm (with L136 spindle)


163 mm (with L131 spindle), 168 mm (with L136 spindle)


Raw (no finish), Black, Titamium and Special colours




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