Custom Made All Black Trangia TR-209 Large Mess Tin

$95.00 USD
$95.00 USD
Custom made color for Trangia Mess Tin!

The new item is modified on the original product of Trangia Mess Tin rice cooking artifact. The surface coating of the inner and outer layers is a flat matte black color, and the non-stick coating surface finished by the highest quality TEFLON is used. 

Size: 20x13x7cm

Made in Sweden and custom made color in Taiwan


1, Pull the attached handle slightly and insert it horizontally into the connecting hole to complete the assembly
2, The edge of the lid of the box will be sharper, so you can use fine sandpaper to polish it until it doesn’t scratch your hands.
3, The bottom and lid of the cooking artifact will have normal water marks caused by aluminum products when stamping.
4, When using for the first time, please clean after cleaning, and then fill with water or use rice washing water to boil as a boiling action
5, The cooking artifact can be used to cook rice and cooking ingredients, but it must not be cooked alone.
6, Do not use vegetable gourd cloth and wire brush to clean; metal hard objects may cause scratches and peeling of the coating
7, Because of the lightweight material of the cooking artifact, the coating cannot be compared with the non-stick effect of the commercially available non-stick pan.