Custom Made Sand Color Trangia Kettle 0.6L fits Ultralight 27 Series

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Custom made color for Trangia Kettle!

The entire outer layer of the boiling water is sprayed with a special and low-key semi-matte sand color. And this brand-new item is modified on the original product of 
Trangia Kettle boiling water artifact, and is finished with high-quality heat-resistant baking varnish. 

Made in Sweden and custom made color in Taiwan


1, When using for the first time, be sure to clean it thoroughly before use
2, The boiled water artifact can be used to boil water and hot drinks, but it must not be boiled alone
3, Do not use hard cloth and wire brush to clean the surface of the paint
4, Using metal tableware or putting it together with hard objects will cause the paint to scratch and peel off
5, Suitable for use at 260℃, the highest operating temperature is 300℃
6, The bottom coating may have traces of friction with the furnace frame after use