Fantastic4 Easy Wheels Extender Bar for Brompton Bicycle

NOTE: The extender best fits with Fantastic4 easy wheels. For other easy wheels in the market, it may need to add more washer to fit.
DO NOT fit with Ti parts easy wheels.

With the original built-in double guide rail structure, the extension rod will be supported by the guide rails throughout the extension, so it can create the lightest and longest extension rod. It can meet the lightweight needs of bicycle hackers. This extension rod can completely solve the shortcomings of the Brompton not easy to scroll after folding, and easy to fall and the edges of the hands are ground to the floor ! Many existing commercially available products use the extension method of the round tube plunger, which cannot extend a long distance, and when the extension reaches the longest, the rear end is not supported by a mountain, causing the cantilever to shake and the defects of insufficient support.

The current aluminum alloy 6061 aerospace material is used to improve the old tube plunger method with a new type of high-rigidity linear slide device. We use the principle of linear slide to strengthen the structure, regardless of the extension distance of the extension rod No matter how long it extends, there are two high-hardness steel rails on both sides to support it

Therefore, the extension length of the wheels exceeds that of any modified products from outside factories, so the center of gravity of the bicycle body is wider, and it is not easy to tip over whether it is standing or pushed. Therefore, this extension rod is currently the lightest and the longest extension and the outer tube The finest.

Bikers with original racks are also suitable for installing extension rods! And the elastic rope hooks on the shelves can also be stuck on the extension rods, so there is no need to worry about the hooks of the elastic ropes.
The whole set weighs about 77g.