H&H 7 Speed Tensioner for Brompton Bicycle

  • Fully Aluminum alloy CNC machined lightweight colourful derailleur, fixture and tensioner arm.
  • For ACE Line frame, You do need a 3party rear wheel with multi-cogs compatibility to take over 4 speed cogs, not included.
  • Compatible upto 28T cog (original max 18T on P/T Line)
  • Titanium Tensioner Spring.
  • Smooth surface treatment with multiple colours to match your style.
  • Limited colour might only be available in 1st batch production.
  • Listing only for one Parallelogram derailleur set (Spring activated main body, 2 Jocky wheels, fixture for ACE Line and extended tensioner arm included). Cogs, thumb shifter, shifting cable and 3rd party upgrade wheelset are optional.
  • Tested 11-28t / 7 speed.
  • Ideal combo with our X4 Unibody Cog Set (11-13-17-21t) to reuse original 2/6 speed rear wheel.

Note :

  • This modification is more difficult than the rather easy "plug and play" X3 Unibody Cogset external 3 speed upgrade. (please expect some more time and patience to finetune the result).
  • Do not recommand this as a DIY project, please consult your LBS mechanic before order.