H&H 40/44T BCD130 Chain-Guard Chainring for Brompton Bicycle

$79.50 USD
$79.50 USD

A perfect companion for Brompton internal 3-speed hubs, with a more suitable gear ratio, especially ideal for riders with moderate to weak leg strength.

1. Made from integrated CNC machining, doubling the texture quality.
2. Constructed with 7075 aerospace aluminum and T6 heat treatment, ensuring strength and durability.

Comparison of gear ratios for internal 3-speed hubs and corresponding chainring sizes:
- Internal 3-speed gear ratios: 64%, 100%, 157%
- Converted to chainring sizes:
  - 50T: 32T - 50T - 79T
  - 44T: 28T - 44T - 69T
  - 40T: 26T - 40T - 63T

The 44T +/- 3T chainring, with an integrated chain guard design, maintains elegance and enhances riding efficiency!

The alternating positive and negative teeth increase chain stability and reduce the chance of chain drops!

Weight: 40T (68g)  44T (68g) 44T Oval (92.5g)