Joseph Kuosac

Joseph Kuosac A18C Aluminium Bicycle Rim

$55.00 USD
$55.00 USD

The listing is for RIM only

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Feature & Benefit
“There’s gotta be a better way”, Joe ponders. The structural trigonometry and geometry change as the wheel diameter changes…….“Why do designs of wheels for road bikes the same as mini-velos’ wheels?”, Joe ponders again. Take the C38C in 349 as an example……Joe goes on, “smaller wheels have different needs……it has less time for braking heat dissipation, the hub is too wide for the shorter rim diameter and the spoke angle for road bikes is too weak to maintain general payload on small wheels like 349. I designed the C38C using composite materials to enhance heat-dissipation, I beefed up the hub by shrinking the width and added more crosses to the spoke for additional strength”. “I always push myself on product design rules and limitations…..I mean… customers get the optimal combination of performance, weigh and quality from my products”.

Bill of Material
Aluminum Rim x 1

A18C: 349 x 25, 355 x 25, 369 x 25, 406 x 25, 451 x 25 mm
Rim-brake: 349 x 25, 355 x 25, 369 x 25, 406 x 25, 451 x 25 mm
Disk-brake: 355 x 25, 406 x 25, 451 x 25 mm
Spoke Hole: 24

349 Rim-brake: 260g
355 Rim-brake: 263g
355 Disk-brake: 275g
369 Rim-brake: 272g
406 Rim-brake: 295g
406 Disk-brake: 320g
451 Rim-brake: 332g
451 Disk-brake: 354g