Joseph Kuosac

Joseph Kuosac New 16" 349 GC38C Wheelset for Brompton Bicycle


Feature & Benefit

Joe always said, “never compromise safety and functionality”.

Introducing the 349 gC38C. It is the latest carbon wheel offering from Joseph Kuosac Professional. The “g” in gC38C stands for graphene and is inspired by the mantra, “Push Myself”. “Push Myself” is the reflection and inspiration of our founder, Joe Kuo. We sought to design a stronger rim, so we added graphene and adopted new carbon-fiber weaving technology to improve braking-heat-dissipation capability and strengthened the structural integrity. We wanted to shorten braking distances, so we added a Braking-Area-Marker (BAM) system to ensure proper brake-pad clamping position. We also want our riders to be visible during night rides, so we are now offering an optional Glow-decal that self-emits to surroundings in low light and darkness. We want to protect the rim from the moving valve-stem during inflation and ridings, so we added a CVT (Carbon-Valve-Tube) system that snugly keeps the valve-stem in place. We don’t want rainwater collecting in the rim which could impact wheelset balance, so we added a Liquid-Drain (LD) system to expel accumulated water. With these improvements, we continue to push for higher safety and more functionality. The C38C series of carbon wheelsets continue to be handmade in small batches with Joe’s guiding principles strictly reinforced.


Bill of Material
Carbon Rim x 1

gC38C 349 x 16 mm (Full Carbon Graphene)
Spoke Hole: 28