Joseph Kuosac

Joseph Kuosac Waterproof Bag for Brompton Bicycle

$397.50 USD
$397.50 USD

M+ 38 x 23 x 14cm  (approx. 10L); 1.95 kg
M    30 x 24 x 14cm  (approx. 8L); 1.60 kg
R+ 39 x 24 x 20cm  (approx. 15L); 2.10 kg
R    31 x 22 x 20cm  (approx. 11L); 2.05 kg


Feature & Benefit
Having been an avid photographer and explorer of life, Joe needed to carry and protect his precious Leica lenses and cameras everywhere he went, in any terrain, in any weather. Joe believed when a bag is strong enough for delicate photography gears, it is strong enough for all other things. Since he couldn’t find such bag, Joe designed and created a bag to do just that. As a fitting enthusiast, Joe made sure the shoulder-strap is ergonomically curved for comfort even with heavy loads; the buckles have to both tightly secure the camera and release quickly to capture the “moments”; the fabric must be tough and long lasting, repels rain, dirt and cleans easily; in case of impact accident, the inner lining must protects his gears by absorbing shocks, so well that an egg is saved when dropped from a 1-meter height. By the way, Joe decided to use the color of bright orange for the inner linings of the bag because it would help him easily locate his gears.