MiniMODs Integrated 2SP Thumb Shifter to 3SP Indexed Mod Kit for Brompton Bicycle

$25.00 USD
$25.00 USD

Upgrade Stock 2/6 speed H/L indexed thumb shifter to 3 speed (1/2/3) indexed

Affordable and Eco-friendly upgrade #2Sx3S mod kit

2Sx3S Mod Kit Content:

  • Two White Plastic bits for 3 Speed index
  • 1/2/3 display label
  • Teflon gear Cable Brompton Spec (You can reuse the housing)
  • Cable end Terminal 


  • Stock Brompton 2 speed shifter is NOT included, You will need to use the one came with your Brompton
  • Ideal combo with our X3 Unibody cog set to achieve 11/14/17T setup (close to P Line 4 speed gear range)

2Sx3S Assembling Video :