MiniMODs X Series 7 Speed Upgrade Kits for Brompton Bicycle P/T Line

$645.00 USD
$645.00 USD


  • Aluminum alloy CNC machined lightweight tensioner arms, parallelogram derailleur, fixture and thumb shifter.
  • Compatible to P/T Line or Electric P Line frame. Come with X7 advanced Cog Set on stock wheel set for 7 speed 11-28t (#X7AdvancedCogSet),
  • Largest cog is 28T (vs. original max 18t on P/T Line).
  • Titanium Tensioner Spring.
  • CNC machined advanced parallelogram derailleur ( (spring activated main body, 2 Jocky wheels, fixture).
  • Double tap thumb 7 speed thumb shifter with cable.