MiniMods X3 Unibody Cog Set 11-14-17T for Brompton Bicycle

$75.00 USD
$75.00 USD

X3 Unibody Cog Set (MiniMODs)

  • 3 sprockets (11-14-17T) in One Unit. Precision CNC machined
  • SCM440H heat treated steel. ED-Electrophoresis deposition surface processed black
  • Most efficient drive output, crispy clear shifting reaction
  • Plug and play, very easy to install and finetune. Stock components compatible
  • Require 11 Speed and up (narrower) Chain. Leading teeth on-shift design for ultra smoothness.
  • Circlip type for maximum compatibility (1.5mm custom snap ring included).
  • For 9 spline Shimano spec, compatible with Stock Brompton 2 speed hub (BWR 3x2 6 speed hub) and most third party external cog wheel mods (e.g. MiniMODs, Orz, Hubsmith, Joseph Kuosac, etc. )
  • Not compatible with Sturmey Archer SRF-5 (W) 5 speed hub or Brompton BSR 3 speed, but compatible with SRF-5(N) 10 (5x2) speed hub, so 5x3 is possible

Extra Cog for 4 speed or beyond application (SunRace)

  • Extra cog for even more speed expansion project (e.g 11-14-17T + 21T) as shown in the photo (require custom free hub body which is not included in this listing).
  • Heat treated steel. ED-Electrophoresis deposition surface processed black
  • Leading teeth chain on design, precise chain reaction
  • Shimano 9 splines free hub body compatible. For 10 speed and up chain.






1. Older stock tensioner might suffer from deformation and cause it to touching chain on 11t position (you will need some filing or add tensioner washer to correct). Aluminum 3rd party tensioners are stiff enough to void this. 11 speed chain also helps with its narrower profile.