SimWorks by Nissen SP31 Bicycle Inner Wire

$45.00 USD
$45.00 USD


SP31 Inner Wire made by Nissen Cable.

A fine standard in bicycle wire technology.

31 wires, which are more than a typical 19 wires, are assembled via the  “Warrington" method, formed by high density wires and each wire has different diameter. More wires decrease spaces between them and enhance the rigidity of stretching direction, and at the same time earns high flexibility. A tensile strength is 10% higher than a similar product.

Engraving the surface to create a perfect circle and additionally, a plasma plating is applied, making the pull of brake lever much lighter- compared to a wire coated with fluorine.

Please have an outstanding tactile experience with the highest quality inner wire in the world, which is achieved through a tireless dedication to time-tested processes.

A pre-tensioning process has been implemented at the factory.

It includes 2 wires along with 2 caps.