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Ti Parts Workshop Titanium Front Wheel Skewer Set for Brompton Bicycle

$49.50 USD
$49.50 USD

The Ti Parts Workshop Titanium Front Wheel Skewer replaces the steel hex key skewer fitted to all superlight and dynamo front wheels. CNC machined to perfection from Ti-6AL-4V Titanium this quick release includes everything needed for a straight swap and weights 20.6 grams saving you 13.6 grams over the original quick release and has the added benefit of being stronger and rust proof.
Direct replacement for the Brompton steel quick release fitted to Brompton superlight, and dynamo front wheels
Lighter, Stronger and Rust Proof
CNC Machined from Ti-6AL-4V Titanium
Fits any 75mm OLN hubs
Weight: 20.6g (Original Brompton Component: 34.2g) - Saving: 13.6g

Remarks: BTP-66